We have used Country Mile Computers' services for over a decade.  They are very good and honest people who always respond promptly and fix any problem we have, no matter how complicated or difficult. 

Dicky Demott - Thomasville, GA

I have used their services extensively since 2002 and have found them to be highly competent and reliable.  They have also built all of my company's computers and servers.  I trust them to do excellent quality work with precision and integrity, no matter how complicated. 

Dr. Terry Smith - Thomasville, GA - Orthodontics

I have used them for computer business both personally and professionally.  Always honest, knowledgeable and absolutely dependable throughout these many years."   David Frisby, Monticello, FL Police Chief 1996-2008


"Considerate, dependable - they fix the problem no matter how complicated" Nancy Ortiz - Thomasville, GA


"Country Mile Computers staff members are more than fair.  I give the senior tech cookies because he always goes the extra mile."  Cathy Johnston, Monticello, FL

"I've been a happy customer since 2002."

Pat Inmon, owner of the 1872 John Denham House in Monticello, FL.

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Richard and Ashley Hotz  --  owners of Country Mile Computers.

Country Mile Computers    ----    a Family Owned Business Since 1991   THOMASVILLE: 229-227-6611     

MONTICELLO:   850-997-6500

Ricahrd Hotz, Senior Technician.  He and his wife are the founders of Country Mile Computers

Established in 1991 as a corporation and family owned business, Country Mile Computers, also known as OnSite Technology Services, Inc., has developed a personal style with its customers in both Jefferson County, Florida and Thomas County, Georgia.  The owners answer the phone most of the time unless we are all in a meeting or talking to customers.  An answering machine takes messages that we answer as promptly as possible.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but are closed the last Thursday of every month.  For especially beloved customers, or for businesses with technology emergencies, we can make ourselves available on weekends and evenings.   We go on-site to the customer's business or home first because our experience has repeatedly shown that many technical problems are linked to the multiple interfaces with peripheral equipment and Internet connections in the computer's  environment.  These need to be analysed first in order for a true solution to be found.  If we find a virus-spyware-adware-malware infestation, the problem is often isolated in the main hard drive but may also include its backup drives that can also contain infected data.  In these cases it is far more cost effective to remove the computer and the backup drives to the shop because of the time it takes to run extensive diagnostics to remove malware.  This same situation is also true when a hard drive is going bad as it is essential that the data be cleaned of possible malware infection, and the cleaned data then saved and stored properly so it can be installed on new drive(s).  At our workshop we have special computers to scan for and remove malware and for doing hard drive diagnostics.  Shopwork saves customers money.  If we had to do all these tasks at the customer's location, the scanning process would take too long as the technician would be present.  Although our workshop computers can take a lot of time,  this strategy saves the customer money because he or she is not paying a technician for each hour that the scan is running. 

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